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Our client reached the top posistion, now what?
One of our client reached the top position of the SERP's for their main 8 kw's. I have been charging them $480 - $550 per month. Now what should be strategy of handling them?
Well most certainly you want to keep your monthly fees, so current SEO efforts have to continue. And in this type of situations just ask your client what they want to do. They want to rank for more kw's or focus on building more authority site. As the kw's may have reached their top positions but no one can tell for how long they are going to stay that way.
Congrats on reaching the goal of your client. Its very hard to come by these days. I am not a SEO but I do SEO work for our sites so know the pain.
I am going to push my client to continue SEO work. Because one thing I know for sure is that SEO is going to change.

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