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Art Forums - An Artist Community
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Our Goal
Art Forums is a community for artists, by artists. Our main goal is to create a one and only stop for all forms of creative minds to communicate and share each other's art. As an artist myself, I know first hand the struggle and work it takes to get your work out there to the public. As a community, we should work together to share each other's art and the community itself for the newer artists. 
How It All Started
ArtForums is an online community created and formed by Emotionull, as an artist himself, he is always looking for new ways to share art and create communities. Emotionull originally started an online art magazine titled Fangz Magazine, he has run Fangz magazine for over a year with over two hundred and fifty-five articles published. It all started from his love of different forms of art as well as making websites for communities alike. 
How Can You Help?
ArtForums is an online forum that's based on a community, meaning we need you! Share ArtForums with your fellow friends, artists, even your co-workers! Anybody helps, word of mouth is the best way to help the community grow and blossom into something amazing.
Feel free to share the community via social media as well! Publish a tweet or post a Facebook status! Any way that you're willing to help share the forum will create a bigger community for fellow artists to share and converse.

Come check us out! Https://
let me know what you think!
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Nice looking forum. But it is taking too much time to load. And also I see Cloudflare SSL may be its due to this.
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Nice design and actualy it loads fast.
I checked it with gtmetrix as well from US location:

I suppose it is new so it needs more contents and it will rank well in Google.

Good luck.
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