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B2B Marketing Techniques effective in 2019
What should be the motto or things to remember while doing B2B marketing and what are the most effective techniques??
Just keep this mind that you have to be true or truthful. Dealing with professionals isn't easy. If you lie they are going to know sooner or later.
Really looking forward to this thread.
In my opinion. You should check out the 'Conversion' forum first here. There are plenty of threads already and this topic is discussed there too.
There are tons of things. Some of them are:

- Build relationship over quality work not over money.
- Always meet the deadlines. If you can't meet it then humbly inform your clients.
- Be super professional.
- Have your every detail worked up twice.
- Know your audience. And connect them through right mediums at right time.
- Research your audience first before making a move on them.
- Don't contain your self in one form of marketing technique. Try several methods.
- Rely mainly on user data. Keep track of everything.
- Make yourself available to your audience. Through a robust site, social media and other mass platforms.
There are two types one is long term and another one is short term. Which one you are looking for?
(08-08-2019, 07:40 AM)ksmith29 Wrote: There are two types one is long term and another one is short term. Which one you are looking for?

Looking for long term relationships ofcourse.

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