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Getting account approved in Adsense does it mean more Google traffic?
Our site is two and half year old. So, far our main traffic is source is from forums, social networks and other similar sites who can provide good referral traffic. Our organic traffic is very thin almost 2% of the entire traffic is from Google. Lets say its about 5-10 searches per week.

Last week our account in adsense got approved. In our previous try's we were not accepted because it didn't complied with the adsense policies. Now after some changes in our site we re-submitted again and it got approved.

Our traffic since last week has increased considerably. The 5-10 searches has gone up to 45-60 searches per week. So, I was wondering if getting approved in adsense has something to do with it!!
It is more or less a coincidence. Adsense has nothing to do with the SERP's or organic traffic.

And the fluctuations in your organic traffic rate can be for many reason. There is also an update going on in Google so there's that.
As Frank said it has nothing to with the adsense. And don't worry you will get your turn for fall in traffic too.

Google more or less disappoints everyone these days.Tongue

Is this the community you were talking about?
Indeed I am Brian.

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