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Wordpress is really better than Drupal?
In Drupal , you can make unique sites then why its always preferred that wordpress is better in terms of SEO than others?
Practically no one can say that whether or not one is better than the other.

Its just that once Matt Cutts said in his videos that wordpress are great for SEO. And frankly its not wrong or misleading to assume that wordpress is more good because most of the tools-plugins including SEO tools and plugins belong to wordpress.
Better or not doesn't matter. Wordpress has more plugins and tools so it eases up for the webmasters to optimize their sites. So, clearly its a winner.
It depends on our need and requirement, probably Wordpress is the best technology to develop responsive and SEO friendly websites... Wordpress has many responsive themes and plugins...
So, wordpress has more plugins for on-page optimizations. But the way I see it in Drupal you can do more optimization and more exclusively even.
Yeah, but you will need technical expertise for that. And in wordpress you simply install plugin where you can just drag and drop.
Its just that wordpress is loved by Google.
WordPress is generally something beginners can pick up quickly, while Drupal is a bit more complicated. WordPress is extremely intuitive and user-friendly for the non-programmer looking to create a website from scratch. Plus, WordPress's global community makes it simple for users to get support along the way
I would say Wordpress because it is easy to use. Sorry, I have no work experience in Drupal.

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