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Starting Consulting Agency
I am not talking about opening a marketing agency. But any kind of consulting agency. Before staring it what should be kept in mind? Many users here have their own agnecy, so I am asking what did you thought back then?
I don't own an agency but I have seen people to struggle with their start-ups. The main thing to worry about is how to get clients. Its not an easy task to acquire clients for a new agency.

Providing good services is the main next task. Once you have done that too. You will need to repeat it over and over so that you can train others and make your agency grow.
Gather a client list first. Then show them what you can do and what your agency (or you) have to offer to them what other's don't. Once you landed a client then the real task begins. You have to deliver your work with efficiency and within the designated time. Repeat it and try to impro9ve everytime you get the job done.
Get a list and also gather some like minded people like you to help. You will not get impatient then.
Have you considered starting as a freelancer first? I mean get some experience first and then move to start your own agency.
Yeah its easy to build a consultancy agency but hunting clients is never easy more importantly retaining them is the key to success.

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