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Migrating from one host to another
If I migrate a site from one host to another then do I have to create 301 redirects for all of the urls? I am little bit confused here as I am new to whole this.
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If you are not changing anything within the site then there will be no need of 301 redirects.

Just download all of your files from the old host via FTP like Filezilla. Then just upload it to the new host. Once you have uploaded the files. Direct your new host to the domain registrar you are using. For this you can also ask your new hosting provider for help, most of the services provide free site migration anyway.
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I am not changing any files within my site. I am just changing my host.
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Well Admin has correctly stated. If there no changes within the site then there is no need of any redirects.
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Then when 301 redirects or any other type of redirects are needed actually? Sorry, I am new to this so you can understand.
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Ok, you are new, we get it. You don't have to apologize or feel sorry for it. And you certainly don't have to tell it every time in each post you make.

When you change a site's url only then you have to make 301 redirects.

Say, you have a post in "", now you you want to move the article from there to say "" or "" or even move to your homepage which is "". In this situations you have to make a 301 redirect. Because you don't want your visitors to come to your site searching for the article and get a 404 not found error, right? So, this is the solution. Now, you can make 301 redirects to some of your site pages, or your site structures or even entire site's can also be moved, the decision is upto you ofcourse.

Now, mainly there are two types of redirects the 301 is permanent. That means its for pages which you have permanently moved from once place to another. And 302 is temporary. Say any part of your site is down in that case you can make a 302 redirect where your visitors will be redirected to temporary page for the time being.

I hope that it shall help you.
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Thanks for explaining it.
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