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Facebook ads are failiging!!
Facebook ads are failing!! Almost $250 spend over the last week but none exposure whatsoever. I was told that they are very good for exposure and brand awareness. We have targeted the right kw's got it checked a couple of times too. I don't know what is going wrong here.
You are doing something definitely wrong. Can you share some more details with us??!!
With $250 you could have bought a ton of exposure. Certainly you are not doing it right.
(07-10-2019, 06:42 AM)danni Wrote: With $250 you could have bought a ton of exposure. Certainly you are not doing it right.

I send you a list of our kw's.
You can read this blog to get deep information about Facebook ads.
It's not like this. There is a huge amount of traffic on Facebook. May not run the ad in its proper way.
I think your ads going the wrong way or something missing from your ad.
You might not be targeting the right audience. Use mix of Facebook and Instagram ads. They are best for creating brand awareness.

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