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How to re-purpose old keyword posts?
Any tips regarding this!!
The simple solution will be just re-write the old content according to the needs of the present day world. Update something that needs to be done. Update tags if necessary and then re-target the audience. You also have to check that by reproducing it can it be used to target some new viewers if so then how. Formulate strategies and then implement them. Its not you are going to be successful in the first attempt but you will learn from them.
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As, Danni suggested you have to re-write the content according to the new demands and standards.

Follow your competitors check how they are doing against these type of articles which you are trying to re-purpose. If you find a content gap then fill it, covering the points where others are failing is always a great idea.
Any article spinner tool shall do the job then??
(07-12-2019, 08:18 AM)bae22 Wrote: Any article spinner tool shall do the job then??

Its an absolute NO NO. If you want real content the use real writers.

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