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What do you guys think about design effecting SEO?
In the recent days this has been up for discussion a lot that bad designs of blogs are effecting its SEO.

Many webmasters although have ignored this over the years but now they are coming to realization.

What do you guys think about it?
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Ofcourse they effect.

And the sites you are talking about are those who have very bad designs indeed. With no navigation whatsoever at all.
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The people who are effected. Have sites which are not just bad but worse than bad.

In my opinion, it should been done a long time ago.
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Site design doesn't matter unless they are too much bad.
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So far as I know only sites with ridiculously long loading speed were effected.
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Anyway, thanks for clearing it up for me.
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Design has a large impact on content visibility — so does SEO. However, there are some key SEO concepts that experts in the field struggle to communicate clearly to designers. This can create friction and the impression that most well-designed websites are very poorly optimized for SEO.
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