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How can you build trust or faith for your blog?
I hope that you guys will share some valuable and actionable tips.
Only one thing I will suggest is that "Consistent good content".

If you want to build trust then its the only way. You don't have to create content which is lengthy. Create content that will mean something. Even the smallest things shared in the proper way can do wonders.

Share something original. It doesn't mean that it has to be unique. You can take a post or video and make a review out of it. But share you own thoughts and views.
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And also you must interact with your audience. Through comments or mails whichever is preferable to you.
If you really want to know then see your blog as an audience. Put their shoes on. Judge the blog according to the audience's needs. I am sure you will find everything that you need.
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Is there any tutorial or guide that you guys suggest I should follow?
I strongly recommend that you follow 'Content Marketing Institute Blog'.
When you create content, choosing the right tone and using personal language can help build trust. Aim to:

1. Create content that’s vulnerable. Talk about the areas you’re still learning about, the areas where you’re still making mistakes, and the questions you don’t know the answers to. This shows your readers that you trust them.

2. Create content that has some personal touches, or tells a story. This doesn’t have to be deeply personal, but showing a little of who you are can really build a connection.

Ultimately, if you want to gain your readers’ trust you need to be trustworthy. Be transparent with your readers, act with integrity, treat them with respect, and keep your promises.
You can post informative and quality content with images, videos. Be active on your blog by doing reply and posting regularly. You can share your content on Social Media sites.
To make your faith on your blog, you should write unique and attractive blog's content. The title and content of your blog would be such that users cannot live without clicking it.
To build truth for your blog you need to create content that has some personal touches or tells a story. This doesn’t have to be deeply personal, but showing a little of who you are can really establish a strong connection.

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