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Many big sites were hit by the Google Core Algo Update
Do you guys think that it has something to do with links?

I mean from what I am seeing that the sites which had low quality PBN links are hurt. Links which are from some quality sites but are used for cheap linking purposes.
There is a whole thread related to this.

Anyway keep us informed if you see this pattern more.
DailyMail of UK lost a ton of traffic. And they have admitted it too.
The Mirror and HuffPost are winners after this update.Tongue
A sudden increase in traffic now. I hope it grows.

Some are saying that its the worse update ever. I don't agree.

Worse is yet to come.
Is the update still going on?
Yes. I have read about it. Its over. It ended on 8-9 th June. But the fluctuations are still here.
Not just small fluctuations but big ones. Recently as of today I am noticing that some of the sites are returning to their previous positions.

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