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Google's June 3rd Broad Core Algo Update
In this algo update most sites are unaffected. But I am seeing some old sites have fell pretty hard. The sites are basically very old in their niche and have tons of content in them. The common thing I have found in these sites that they are dominating and prominent sites in their field. Are you guys seeing any of this?
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From what I am hearing is that these sites have ton of tutorial type of content. And also people love spending time in these sites even though they are only blogs.

I wonder why google will do this to the sites which are loved my everybody?
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I agree I am wondering it too.

An old Linux tutorial site I knew just fell out from the SERP's.
Some health niche sites are also effected. As, I am seeing in other forums.
Huge fluctuations. At our end today.
I don't understand why the spam sites are ranking better now??!! I am not talking about low quality sites just spam sites. Those used only for link bait.
Its a mess. Update has rolled out. But shakes are still coming.

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