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Keyword Planner has gone totally bad
In my early days of marketing I used keyword planner extensively. They were free to us, gave detailed information about any kw entered, gave kw ideas and much more. Over the time I started using paid tools such as wordstream as because paid tools its is easier to send and file reports.

I haven't used the kw planner in the recent years. Now a couple of days earlier I tried to use it. I am just speechless how bad it has gotten now. I mean you can't even do a proper search without google asking you to search a campaign. And the searches they are the worse ones. The thing I noticed that if you don't start a campaign then  it will probably show you wrong the results of kw's entered.
Actually its been quite some time now.

We have switched from it a while back. Yeah, its disappointing but can you blame google??

They are just trying to make money for them, their employees and share holders.Tongue
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Its just an earning tool for Google now.
Yes, Agreed... it's just an earning tool for google now...
Google will require a campaign before you can use keyword planner but from the good old days you can directly access GKP with your all in one account in Google.
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