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Growth Hacking Resources
Can anyone suggest me a good resources about Growth Hacking. Specially with all the tips and tracks.
The best resources of Growth Hacking aren't in tutorials or books.

The best tips and tracks. The best ideas, suggestions are only available who are working on a present project or doing something on their own. And doing so they are sharing that information or asking something about it. Ask yourself this question which are the actual places where these things happen?

These happens in groups, community boards, sub-reddits etc. Where marketers come and talk about their problems, accomplishments etc. Some might suggest Quora is also a good place to look. I will not suggest you that because most of the people now in Quora are just spammers, placing link baits are their primary work.
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Damn straight. Everybody is looking for shortcut.

To OP I say go ahead read, do stuff instead of looking for an instruction manful.
So, does that mean reddit is a good resource?
Reddit is a great resource if you can track proper sub-reddits and threads along with AMA's.

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