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Comptetitor is dominating Ads and organic results
If I search my brand name then one of competitors comes up at the first place. They are dominating the ads as they have big budget and I don't. The thing is our brand name includes the name of the our niche too. So, there is that. How to fight this situation?
So, are you ranking for anything? Or, its just the brand name you are asking?

These things can be resolved if you trademark your brand name. Otherwise, you just have to outbid the competitor.
No no!!!

I am ranking for many kw's and many of them are in high places in the SERP's then my competitors, my issue is just with the brand name search term.
Trademark your brand name that might solve your problem.
Aren't there any way to outrank or outbid the competitor?
If you trademark then you will eventually outrank them. But to outbid them you have to bid it out.

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