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Ranking GMB
Which is the best way to rank GMB? There ar tons of tutorials on the internet but I don't think that most of them are quite actionable.
i am the nation
Let me guess. You were following Neil Patel's guide.

Okay, coming to you query. Write a good description of your company along with images. Write them within 1000 words or so. Get reviews from your clients. Put keywords that points directly or indirectly your business in the local area.
Methods for Google My Business Optimization and ranking-
Correct Business Data – Everywhere
Optimize your Google My Business Profile
Get real reviews from real customers
Be found around the web – local citations
Move close to town.
Domain authority 
Number of high quality links 
Website relevance to the keyword(s)
  1. put main Keywords in the GMB Business Name

  2. Make Sure Your Categories Are Correct and Max Them Out

  3. Build Niche and Local Related Citations

  4. Fix Your On-Page

  5. Get Social Signals

  6. Get More Reviews!

  7. Get a Press Release Written to Improve Your Google Maps Ranking

  8. Guest Post Outreach
Optimize GMB Listing
Add Real reviews
Add Service location
Add description include keyword
Post 2-3 in a week
Full address
Add inside and outside photo of location

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