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Is it wise to use a 'free register' domain as a money site?
I hope I am explaining my query here right. As hosting providers like Godaddy or Bluehost provides a domain for any user for free when they first register or become a client by purchasing something. Is it a good idea r bad idea to use it as a money site?

I mean I will be purchasing a brand new domain so I don't have to worry about any penalties. Purchasing a good old domain can take time. Isn't it the shortest path?
The thing is that you find a domain and build a site around it. Its not the other way around. Some may say that its not very wise to use the 'free to register' domains as money site. But I simply beg to differ.

It depends actually if you get good domain available with few kw or kw phrases in it then why not? When anyone says 'free to register', people by default thoughts of a domain that no one has heard of or even pronounced of. But that's not true you can get a good domain sometimes.
The thing is if you get a good domain then why not. Otherwise, you have to wait for the right domain.
I am getting a domain 'mynichenamehq''. Should I get it?
(05-09-2019, 07:38 AM)rudla25 Wrote: I am getting a domain 'mynichenamehq''. Should I get it?

Its moderate to be Frank. You may get it.

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