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Speak up your mind about spinning article!!
What do you guys think about it?
What to talk about it?? Can you tell me?

Its a solution to a problem which actually doesn't exist. People have so wrong views about this that they fail to see what's happening right in front of them. Its basically a pseudo problem just created to help those people who sell article spinner and similar softwares.

People often think that publishing duplicate content is going to hurt (actually its right) but publishing spinned content can also hurt. More accurately it can destroy your business and reputation. Content has to produce value and spinned content simply fails to do that.
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I can't think of single thing that why people might wanna use them in the first place. Even if its too good. Still you can't just publish them blindly after spinning the content. You have to read it manually and make adjustments if needed.
They are a colossal waste of time and money.

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