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Keyword ranking high but not getting much traffic
the snippet in the search results is not appealing to your desired audience.
Hey there,
Try some of these tips to rank better on google.
Some of the most important SEO ranking factors are:
1. Page speed (helps attract the users)
2. Security of the page (the most important to gain the users' trust)
3. Mobile friendliness (as most people will access your website through their mobile phones)
4. Quality of the content (this will help you in increased user engagement and also attract new customers)
5. Links in the content (will help in directing your users)
If all of these are perfectly done, your site will have a great ranking in the search engines
you may need to evaluate the user experience on your website.
Optimize your site for high search volume keywords.
if your keyword is ranking high and still not getting traffic then you need to do the first competitor analysis to check the competitor's traffic.
Keyword ranking is not getting traffic because website content is not good and backlinks are low quality.
The more long tail a search term is, the easier it is to rank for that term. To set up an SEO strategy focusing on long tail keywords is a good idea in many cases. However, if you're focusing on keywords (almost) nobody is searching for, you won't attract much traffic to your site.

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