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How to increase Website DA ?
Hi all, 3 years back I started a Site and I have been working on that my site has above 7000 backlinks and good content but still DA is 18. what to do for increase DA..plz help me

Optimize on-page SEO including your title tags, image alt tags, and the content.

Produce high-quality content

Include internal links to improve user experience.

7 Key Points To Boost Your Domain Authority Score:

-Improve your website page loading speed
-Focus on your On-page Optimization
-Do Off-page SEO
-Make your website mobile-friendly
-Be active on trending Social Media Platforms
-Create fresh & epic content to post it regularly
-Shortlist high-quality backlinks and disavow low-quality links
to increase DA of website you have need to show your consistentency for your suubmission work
1. quality and unique content
2.daily crawling web and pages of site
3. daily submissions on onlne platform
4. secure site
5. troubleshoot your site issue ..such as broken link

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