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[Review] Best Forums.
1. Title - Best Forums
2. URL -
3. Category - General Discussions.
4. Site Type - Forum.
5. Description - Best forums is a general discussion forum where you can get recent information and discuss anything( except adult and illegal content).
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Put some content in it. It looks empty.
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Currently, we are not reviewing any forums. But users can post in here and get views of others.

Coming to your forum. Decent theme I would say. Work definitely on content as suggested above.

One thing that I noticed and had been bothering me. Is the footer of your site. Its literally overflowing with affiliate links. But that is not bad thing ofcourse if you want to make money. The thing is its effecting directly the loading speed of your site.

And also remove the best word from the forum icons. It looks cheesy and over the site you mention the word 'Best' myriad times. But I didn't find what to be the best in your board. If you don't pass a correct message to the audience then they will never trust your board and join.

Overall, its good board, has some good potential too. But many adjustments to be made.

Anyway, good luck with the board.
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Your forum is best of what? Its not sending wrong message to the audience. But its sending no message to the audience. Remember your forum is not reddit.
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