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Do we need to index web 2.0?
Dear friend, is it necessary to index web 2.0 website like blogspot,, weebley, etc or it get indexed automatically by search engines.
Or do we have to submit web 2.0 in google search console including primary domain
Whatever you want!!!

If search engines find your page important and worthy then only they will index it otherwise not.
It automatically indexed if not blocked by the robots.txt file.
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Why do you care for web 2.0 sites anyway?
Web 2.0s purely created from SEO standpoint tend to be not crawled for this very reason. The best way to get these crawled would be get a mention of these pages from some better authoritative pages that are crawled more often.
Getting indexed automatically?? Yeah, you can say that.

Getting ranked automatically?? Yeah, in paper its possible because they gets indexed fast. But in reality not so much. Unless the search bots finds something interesting, you are never getting ranked for web 2.0 sites atleast not now-a-days.
(04-17-2019, 05:37 AM)avinash Wrote: Why do you care for web 2.0 sites anyway?

I am wondering the same question.
web 2.0 can be indexed if your robot.txt file is unblocked and sitemap is add updated in your site.
Google bot automatically index web 2.0 websites. If Google does not index your web 2.0 website then check robots. If robots.txt allow your web 2.0 to index then submit website to Google search console

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