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Key Tips to grow a good sense of community
What are the key tips to grow a good sense of community?
The basic thing of building a sense of community is content. Meaningful content whether it is a discussion or tutorial its doesn't matter.
Build as much as content that is actually liked and needed by people. Even though say you see movements in your forum still you have to build content in a regular basis.
First build content yourself. And then invite over some members to join and contribute. But watch them and moderate every posts carefully.
Actively participate in your community. Or, have a team that does that for you.

Everybody has already suggested about content so I am not going there.

Create strong guidelines for your forum. Like how posts can be, how many links or no links in your posts you will be allowing etc. Spammers are of many kind. And now-a-days there are myriad number of ways that they will find to spam your forums.

The most dangerous kind is the real human spammers. They post real articles. But inside it there will be a link or promotion "Word" somewhere. In order to find and get rid of it you have to manually read the article.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have a team. I am currently working alone.
Then work hard as you can. Here is the trick. Build content that is needed. Don't care about its length, type or size. It can be tutorial, discussion, simple text whatever.
Content is the king. Write interactive content to engage the reader, it will help.

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