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How to make a blog more accessible?
One blog of mine isn't been much crawled after its first publications. I am afraid that its not quite accessible to the bots. Sitemap is fine I checked twice. The .htacess file is also okay, no unusual redirects or directives. Then what's the issue here?

Frankly I don't have any idea how to fix it or resolve it?
Can I ask how do you know that the inner pages of the blog is not accessed by the bots?

And also it doesn't matter whether or not you have correct sitemap or htaccess file. You haven't blocked anything through them?!! Right?!! If not then everything is already fine.

If the user hasn't blocked any page then bots will crawl & index not matter what happens. However, what could make a difference is the navigation of the blog. If its an impossible one or very hard to navigate then it might create problems for the bots.

And also one last thing what you should check is the structure tree of the blog. I mean all the pages which are linked to the homepage and to their sub-pages, they must have a clear navigation and extension too.
I don't think that OP has a very clear navigation throughout the site.
Can the sites theme effect it?
To start making your blog an accessibility success story, start with these seven concepts:
  1. Add Robust Image Alt Text

  2. Use Page Headings for Clearly Defined Content Outline

  3. Text/Font Size

  4. Font Style

  5. Links must be unique, descriptive and make sense when standing alone

  6. Use Tables only for data, not for layout

  7. Color Contrast between content and background must be easily

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