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Maxbounty offers for Bing PPC
Which niche works best for Maxbounty specially when you are using or bing PPC campaigns?

I have two niches in mind one is real estate which has pretty high commission rate and other is softwares which is also high for premium ones.
Real estate huh!!! Can be very intimidating.

These are very high end niches so buy in's will also be high. Start small, with products costing less than $20 or so. As by checking your previous threads I can tell you are a newbie right? My suggestion is don't go with the high end niche they will need money and also you might not make much profit as you think.
I will only consider going into the real estate niche if I have some prior knowledge and/or experience.

Go with the softwares. Its more preferable for you.
LOL!!! These two niches are like North Pole and South Pole.

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