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I need cash fast
Hello yall,

I work part time along with my studies. And I need some quick cash. I tried to do some online work but the courses are even more expensive. What do you guys suggest? I am interested in affiliate marketing but the course I choose is quite expensive. And with my job it can take months.
First of all welcome here.

And if you need fast cash then its fitting that you sell some services to do that. Some people write, some manage ads etc. But since I am guessing you neither have experience or expertise to do something like that. I will suggest that sell some stuff. It can be done through eBay. Put a list which things are unimportant to you or you don't need them. And sell them in eBay.

Once you have generated enough money to buy the course. Closely study it. Feel free ask here any questions.
Sale old stuff in eBay and then buy the course from the money. I know it will be tough but its life. I have been through this phase too.
You guys mean old books and stuff which I don't need or use?
(04-06-2019, 06:10 AM)lonelysoul Wrote: You guys mean old books and stuff which I don't need or use?

Exactly, yes.

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