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Running multiple Blogs through one host
Here is a question for all those who owns or runs multiple blogs at the same time.

Which hosting solution will you prefer: $20 per month in which you can host unlimited websites or $25 per month VPS in which you can do whatever you want. Which one would be more beneficial?
You said $25 VPS. Is it a managed one or non-managed one?
Its un-managed obviously. I mean look at the price.Tongue

I will be running multiple blogs but they all are of same nothing special for each except the contents will be different and obviously the layouts. So, what do you think?
If the all the site requires just blog elements and nothing special. And if the shared hosting is providing unlimited domains then I think you should go for the shared hosting.

Because sure VPS comes with many advantages but they will sort of an overkill. And I don't know whether you have any technical expertise to run an un-managed VPS or not. If you don't know then surely you have to hire somebody and if you know then you already have the idea what type of work load I am talking here about.
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Thanks for the kind replies Zeus.

I have decided not to go with the VPS as I understand its a bit much work for me just to run a network. I mean the blogs each needs some care and if I spend time in the VPS then surely they will be cared less.

I don't know nor have the technical expertise but I do understand the concept of managing own'e server so I get the idea.

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