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What are your experience with PBN?
I have been around this forum for a long time. And finally decided to join and post.

Share your experience of PBN. I know every one here has heard of them and also many of you guys have used them too.

Here is mine. I bought a PBN from another forum earlier last year. It got me a ranking boost alright. But not much. I guess I have to spend more money to get more traffic. But that's is not the story of one of my friend. He also bought a PBN from the same vendor at the same time. But his rankings fell from almost from the bottom of the first page to no-where.

Note : Please don't reply here if you don't have any clue.
There are many number of factors that can effect rankings.

It although solely depends on the PBN quality and also the links it is producing.

A single link from a good PBN site can make a huge difference. You said that in order to rank more better you need to spend more money. I don't disagree with you. But what you need is to closely evaluate the PBN first before buying them.

Because a link from a low quality PBN can not only effect your present ranking but also can get you penalized. You will suffer just like your friend.

And coming to your question. I don't buy PBN links or PBN. If I need them then I simply build them. Its safe, can get long term benefits and also you can safely operate them without getting caught or causing much attention.Tongue
1. They are expensive
2. I think the whole process of PBN is waste of time.
(03-11-2019, 06:03 AM)Mangat Singh Dhiman Wrote: 1. They are expensive
2. I think the whole process of PBN is waste of time.

Its not a waste of time. Most of the sites in the internet are based on those.

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