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Can parasites like bring worthy traffic?
Hello, there I am new in this forum.  So, please be kind.

I was browsing through the net and found some interesting things. There are some sites called parasites (like If you sign up there and create a post. It will give you a no-follow backlink but the article can get ranked to the SERP's very quickly. I saw some reviews about it. And there are claims that got tons of traffic overnight or within 3 days.

So, my query here is. Are they worthy traffic? And are they really worth the time?
These are definitely not white hat techniques. If that what you are asking.

Yeah, they can get you quick traffic. But the traffic don't last. It only stays stable for a couple of days. And I don't think much of them because the traffic you get is mainly automated or non-targeted so doesn't matter how much you get.
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They also need a GSA tier 2 links to work properly. Only just submitting an article or profile in sites like won't even get you traffic.

There is also another fact that the links which you should be getting from tier 2 sites are all have to be in text formats.

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