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Reasons for Error 404
Reasons for Error 404:
• Search missing page
• Creating broken links
• Misdiagnosis of site determination
• Invalid links to site designers outside the competitors' site
• Reduced Error 404
Site design may be incorrect
• Due to the shorter design of the site, many users do not agree to type the long name of the site
• The user's previous pages may be in cache and must be cleared.
• An attempt to solve a 404 page error by users by creating a contact page with design authorities.
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The 404 error , usually accompanied by the message "File Not Found", is an error code belonging to the http communication protocol on the Internet. It is sent by an HTTP server and indicates that it has failed to find the desired resource (usually a page). The user who receives a 404 error message must understand that the page he is looking for does not exist. 

The problem can simply come from an error in entering the URL or the obsolescence of a web page (this is what the first 4 of the number 404 indicates). It can also be a restriction created by the creators of a website.

For several years, Web culture has encouraged some webmasters to customize these 404 error pages with sometimes humorous messages. The challenge is to redirect the user to a functional web page and tell them why they ended up on an error page instead of losing it.

The goal of the 404 page is to keep a visitor on your site even if he/she hits a page that doesn’t exist.

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