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Plain text Emails vs Rich Media Emails
It is often when we see an email with images, we don't open it or mark it spam. But there are some webmasters who prefers the rich media emails more then text emails to get a better click through. Which one do you prefer? Share your experiences.
Yeah, it is true that these things happens to rich media emails quite often. But this does not mean that it will happen always. If anybody uses optimized images with average resolution which can get opened in all formats along with optimized header, email body and great personalization then these things can be avoided.
Its just personal choice what you prefers. I personally use plain text emails which are really easy to handle and often gets less spammed by my subscribers.
Plain text along with a graphical banner of your site or logo can do the job very well.
Although, I am not an expert. But I will say that plain texts are good for email, you can just add the logo.
I will go for Rich Media Emails.
Most of the time i experienced rich media emails in which contains large images but with few promotional text. I think it will be more interesting if the images and text are balanced or according to the target audience.
I am not an expert but I will say that plain text emails are better. As rich media files might not open quickly in mobile devices.
You can use both but the html template you are using should be sober and simple. I suggest if you are promoting a product then you use html template whereas if you are selling any service then you it will be better to use plain text.
for me Rich Media Emails

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