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Creating value for your forum
When a forum launches its like a white paper. Its the duty of the forum admin and forum staffs to draw a beautiful painting in it.
The picture in it will look good or bad as you will draw it. Creating value for your forum is the same kind of thing.

Focus- Focus on your sole purpose. Choose something that will define your forum in your own way. Its not about niche I am talking about its the way that people will see your forum in your niche. Suppose, your forum is about mobile phones then you can focus on giving reviews of newest phones in the market or create a comparison panel of several company's phones or you can just focus on the specification details of every phone. So, when a visitor comes to your forum he/she should get all the information about the term you are focusing on.

Posting content that will add value- If you are an admin of a new forum then you should mainly focus on building content. But that's not all. Content that will add value to the community and your entire niche, can only define your forum. Posting interesting topics that will lure your users to join and participate is not enough. You have to do content marketing for your forum a lot. Publish articles like tutorials, how to's etc the type of content that surely may not have any participation space but that will add value.

Admin Roles- You may have plenty of staff members who can build content, moderators, designers etc but still if you need to build value for your community then you as admin have to roll the dice. be active in your forum, think of it as home. Help your member, if anybody asks you something then first try to understand it correctly and then react, be patient, build such a trust that your forum members will trust you to rely on when some necessity comes.
Nice post admin.
I would like add some points to it. Creating value is a very crucial and important part for your community. Without it a community cannot thrive.

1. Try to treat your members as your own family members. Show them that you care about them send them a welcome message when they joins and when they comes back to your forum after a long time such as a week or two send them a come back message. Greet them at their birthday's and public occasions such Christmas, New Year etc. Award them trophies, provide them several catchy forum class names, the sole thing to do this is to make your forum interesting so they can come back.

2. Organize contests and competitions for your members. Contest such as top posters of the day or month, or top like gainers. Award them with gifts such as lifetime free membership in your forum's private section(if you have any), or any free services etc.

3. Content that hits the current waves. Create content, debate that follows the latest stories in your industry. This way your members will get a mind set up that whatever happens they will get a quick update or review or solution in your forum.

4. Create follow up stories or content of any latest product or service launched in your niche. This way you will not only gain the focus of your members but also you will gain the focus of those product owners and/or providers.
Nice info guys. Can you guys share some information about how to get members to join a online community quickly?
zeus Wrote:Nice info guys. Can you guys share some information about how to get members to join a online community quickly?
You can follow this article. <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=60&t=486</a><!-- l -->
Providing valuable information, discussions, and access to people that your customers or members can't get anywhere else makes a superb incentive to join, and return often to, your online community.
Nice post admin. Really appreciate it.
It is also a matter of how you will be able to deal with different types of people who will make your website rewarding. Creating and managing a forum nowadays is pretty much challenging. It should build credibility to get a lot of users to participate in a certain friends. Lastly, having a knowledge with the said niche is highly needed
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Being online everyday and all day along. Creating content and discussions in which new members specially the non-expert members can feel free to contribute is a good thing to do for growing communtiy value. Apart from it keeping your boards clean by deleting out spmmy posts, posts that offers no value is also a good one.
Create masses of unique content on a daily basis. It may be a lot of work but it pays a lot after.
Yup!! Very useful post admin. Cheers!! Big Grin Big Grin

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