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How to recover Organic traffic?
We have a tech blog which is 3 years old. Back then when we started it. It was getting 400-500 visitors per day. We have published new content since then but haven't much cared about the traffic. Now the blog is getting almost 100 visitors per day. What can we do to recover the lost traffic?

The blog has almost 6k backlinks referring from almost 90 domains.
Its absolutely abnormal. 6k backlinks from only 90 domains.

You should feel great that atleast you have 100 visitors per day.

I bet that your link profile consists of many automated links.

The thing you should ask yourself that you have lost traffic but have you lost your revenue??!! And are you sure that the traffic you were getting back then was all targeted?? How is the traffic now.

Loosing automated traffic isn't a problem. Loosing real traffic is.
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You are telling us that you have added content. But adding content isn't enough.

The content has to be good and also needed in your niche.

Anybody can write about anything but that doesn't mean that someone has to read it.Tongue
Don't forget that in 3 years, Google released so many algorithm updates(minor/majors)
So it affected each and every one. Without doing off page activities, you can't recover the traffic. Focus on branding so that you can find more domains who refer you just like the '90s are doing.
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