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What makes a backlink good backlink?
Anybody care to share their thoughts on it!!
Links from high authority pages through relevant anchor texts linking towards a page which is also relevant to the host page is generally considered as a good backlink.

The links which are acquired. I mean the links which you get when someone publishes your content and link back to your site is the main valuable ones.

You may get a link from a good site but if the host page isn't much the popular one or it doesn't have much authority compared to the rest of the site then also the link will be considered as a week one. So, keep it in mind.
harvee21 Wrote:Anybody care to share their thoughts on it!!

The referring page is important here. Check the page is ranking on its own or not. A link from already ranking page is far more valuable then a page which is deep buried in a site even if its of high authority.
Good backlinks refer to the links that are built from relevant webpages having high quality content. These backlinks are very useful to rank keywords higher in search engines.
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So, basically the hosted page matters, right?
harvee21 Wrote:So, basically the hosted page matters, right?

Not all of it. But most of it, yeah.
The back links becomes good back links when they provide following four factors :
relevancy, trust, diversity and authority.
Having a link from High authority site, Having a link from the website which is related tot your niche, And making do-follow backlink is good backlinking.

Reasons That Makes Backlink A Good Quality Backlink Are:
1.Site domain authority
2.Page relevancy
3.Clickable anchor text selection
4.Content page length of a website
5.Outgoing links quality
6.Getting do-follow backlinks
7. site is looking natural or not
Saravanan28 Wrote:Get backlinks from websites which has high domain authority and page authority.

Not necessarily. DA and PA are a third party metrics which has nothing to with SERP's. Yeah sure they can show the average statistics of the page but they are not exact or accurate.

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