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Bing's Content Quality Algorithm
In the latest post of Bing Search Blog they revealed how Bing algorithm determines the value of any content. Check the post: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... g-ranking/</a><!-- m -->

What's your opinion of it??
It will just suck if Bing wants to be more like Google. As this more or less like Google's Panda.
mrb.frequency Wrote:It will just suck if Bing wants to be more like Google. As this more or less like Google's Panda.
I don't agree with you. Bing is not doing that.
Instead I think its a good thing because a more competition between Bing and google will only help the webmasters to work in a fairer market.
I loved the post. Bing is actually trying to help webmasters through it instead of like Google who Google who confuses a lot.
In my opinion its a good thing. Competition will help the webmasters and not only that by revealing these facts Bing has helped the webmasters to understand its ranking policy better.

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