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How to make my blog look like a real website?

I am planning to start my new blog which includes articles and posts on the IT topics. I want to make my blog look like a website so that it would look like more professional blogging site. Please suggest any tips to get it.
You cam use wordpress or blogger for blog creation, You can customized all things in wordpress or blogger.
Blog Look Like a Website
1. Buy a custom domain name and point your account to it.
2. Play with the advance layout options to customize the look of your site.
3. Add page tabs
4. Add a contact form.
5. Add social media icons.
6. Add a favicon.
7. Use the Picture gadget to link to other sites.
8. Add E-commerce features.
if you are using wordpress for your blog then you can easily change the themes of your website.
Use Wordpress, Blogger for blog creation.
Hire a professional web developer that would be the simplest answer.

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