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How will you optimize Anchor Tag?
How will you optimize Anchor Tag?
Tips on Optimizing Anchor Text

• Keep anchor texts relevant
• Distribute different types of anchors wisely
• Don't link to toxic site
• Avoid internal linking with keyword-rich anchors
• Write relevant guest posts
• Track your anchor texts
• Acquire links from the right sites
Anchor text should be relevancy to match on the keyword
The best way to use anchor text is to make sure that text and the page it links to have something in common.
Best practices for anchor text optimization
Keep it natural… and versatile. ...
Avoid over-optimization. ...
Keep anchors relevant to content. ...
Engage in relevant guest blogging. ...
Avoid links from and linking to spammy sites. ...
Distribute anchors in the right proportions. ...
Focus anchors on deep-level pages. ...
Place anchors where users pay the most attention.

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