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How to track App installs?
Is there any easy way to do it?
People don't usually track installs they track downloads. Many marketers do add an additional program in their app so when it completes one install they makers of the app get a ping. But rather than that I don't know much possible ways.
Just track downloads its better that way. Why complex the situation if its not needed anyway?
You just need to complete these steps to set up the install tracking for your Mobile Apps.

Step 1: Enable app install tracking in your account.
Step 2: Update your Analytics SDK.
Step 3: Set up the Custom Campaigns.

Next steps:
1) Creating and manage ad campaigns (on the ad network of your choice).
2) Analyze your data using the Mobile App Sources report.
install tracking allows you to collect and send data from your mobile apps to your Analytics account and have it appear in your Mobile App Sources report. Enable app install tracking in your account. you can easy way to track app install by following these tips like Update your Analytics SDK, Set up Custom Campaigns, Next Steps, Related resource.App Design Services

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