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How to create a sense of community in a new forum ??
It is really very important for a new forum to run and grow, that they have a good sense of community. Ask yourself "Why people will go to any forum?", the answer is simple. They get their problems solved, get information about their respective niche, share their views, interact with others etc. Today I am going to share some tips about building a community sense in your newly founded forum.

Admin Role- Always remember that if you are the admin then you are the one who is responsible for your forum's community culture. It does not matter how many contributing members or moderators you have in your forum, it is your sole duty to look after each and every thing. The admin will have to be very active. I am not saying this that you have to be online in your forum all day but you have to login twice or a couple of times a day, see thoroughly (and reply if necessary) each and every forum, sub-forums, solve the problems of the members etc.

Add Content in a daily basis- Community forums are like club houses, people came to get and share information everyday. So add content in a daily basis, ask your contributing members and moderators also to add. Articles like tutorials, how-to's are very good for getting visitors and loyal readers but you must also post debates, review of any product, preview of any upcoming product, discussions, ask your members about any topic that what they think about it etc.

Managing Online Community- A good management always refers to a good community sense. Look after you moderators and major contributors along with your members. Everyone should follow your forum rules. If anyone posts any content which provides no value or totally irrelevant content then give them a reminder. Each and every topic must be under their perfectly relevant forum so keep that in mind. If anyone posts in the wrong forum then move the topic to the right one and send him/her a short message by giving the new link to the post.

............. to be continued
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Nice article mate. Hope you will be posting soon some more tips.
............. continuing

Create a Blog - Creating a blog for your online community is also a good idea to build the community culture. This can help you gain the trust of your members and also the new visitors who comes to your forum. A good blog will make you a good readers base which will effect positively to your community.

Active all around the niche- Gaining trust of the users all around in your niche is very important if you want to build your own community good. Be active in the most of your major forums, help them with their problems, give replies that will help their members etc. The main purpose to do this is to tell everyone in your niche that you are here to help no matter what happens.

Forum is for sharing- Forums are for exchanging and gaining information so if you are an admin then you should know your limitations. Don't annoy your members by mailing them too much updates, don't use too much advertisements or offers, don't ask money to do a simple post or a simple request in your forum etc. Remember the big boards which now you see are only 'big' because at the starting they had tried to help people and to fill their respective markets with information.
Thanks for this valuable contribution 'batman'.
I guess its a matter of participating in a thread that you are familiar about so it wil be easier. Remember it will always be a matter if sharing your knowledge to the community so that a conversation will be build.
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Admin and Moderators roles are very important in order to create a good sense in community.
Thanks for sharing information. Really great.
I guess its a matter of participating in a thread that you are familiar about so it will be easier. Remember it will always be a matter of sharing your knowledge with the community so that a conversation will be built.

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