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Best Way To Get Website In Ranking?
Do content marketing as much as you can and update your content daily.
Use alt tags.
Make do follow links or backlinks.
You should know how google algorithm works.
Check your current ranking.
Use online tools to improve your ranking.

SEO Ranking Factors Are:

  1. A Secure and Accessible Website
  2. Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)
  3. Mobile Friendliness
  4. Domain Age, URL, and Authority
  5. Optimized Content
  6. Technical SEO
  7. User Experience (RankBrain)
  8. High-quality backlinks
  9. Social Signals
  10. Real Business Information
Best ways to get website rank in top :
1. Genuine content
2. Responsive website
3. Website loading speed
4. Optimized images
5. Alt tags
6. URL structure
7. Internal Linking
8. Easy navigation
9. Targetted keywords
10. Blog creation and blog commenting
11. Guest posting
12. Forum postings
13. Social bookmarking
14. Participating in question and answer websites
15. Infographic submissions
16. Local business listings
17. Web2.0 submissions
18. Article/Classified submissions... etc

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