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Have you guys tried Personalizing Emails?
Have you guys tried Personalizing Emails in order to get some juice for your marketing efforts? I doing this now for the first time. Anybody any suggestions.
Well I think that its a great way to boost up your email marketing.

People always connects great with people and not to some automatically generated email. Take time to write your email. They must feel that they are talking to you directly so call them by their first name. During your first newsletters don't go near of selling them anything. Build trust first and then go for your real marketing. Remember this will only work if your email users feel connected with you.
A straightforward, effective way to segment your audience for personalization is to simply ask the right questions. Asking customers their reasons for visiting your website, becoming a user, or subscribing to your email can be remarkably easy, but invaluable. It can give you insightful data that can lead to your business sending incredibly targeted emails.

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