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Does Social Bookmarking really helps??
Social bookmarking, groups, and social media advertising managers can locate and shop precious content material to feature in their publishing schedule. This is an incredible manner to simplify content material curation and accelerate social media growth.
they are useless now but they can be used to index pages
Some sites really helps to improve ranking.
Yes, Social bookmarking is the safe and effective way to get more traffic to your site. When your content appears on a social bookmarking site people follow the link to your site. If the information is engaging it can lead to thousands of visitors each month. For more information please contact us.
Yes, social bookmarking helps to rank your websites. This is to build your presence. when you add social bookmarks it helps search engines understand your site.
They establish a friendly presence for their brand and generate traffic to their website by sharing content.
Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Digg are a few popular social bookmarking services that can help you get some extra traffic by a comment with a link.
Bookmarking sites have a positive impact on the ranking of the bookmarked sites. They eventually improve the PageRank and SERPs of the sites. Since Google is planning to make SEO social, Social Bookmarking is a convenient way to improve search engine ranking. But Consider high quality sites, you will get zero results for building links on spammy sites.

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