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Can AI tools replace search engines in terms of giving good answers?
The most basic thing is that we search in the engines so we can get results in the form of links (some might call them as options as well). Which we eventually click through to get results. If we are not satisfied with the result then we click on another link. This is the incentive that drives publishers to produce content and advertisers to put their money in those sites because people shall come to those pages looking for content.

Now, AI tools works very differently. They gave you an answer for your query hence eliminating all the options. People often choose quality over convenience so will it not end search as we know it?
It will be a bubble actually for the people who will use AI tools as a search engine. And sooner or later that will burst and they will come to back to sh*tty search engines.

Human mind always aspire for more, more options, more ways etc. Yes, if you knowingly want to be in a echo chamber then you can't be helped. But rather than that human mind cannot be bounded.

And don't worry in terms of indefinite answers AI tools will screw up because there are endless possibilities.

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