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Google gives a Manual Action Penalty after March 2024 update
it will be great if shared any domain, it will help others to check what kind of domain can cause penalty.
SmartScrapers is a data scraping services provider company.
(05-20-2024, 01:49 PM)smartscraper Wrote: it will be great if shared any domain, it will help others to check what kind of domain can cause penalty.

OP doesn't want that. Otherwise OP would have shared at the first place.
A Manual Action Penalty from Google after the March 2024 update means your site violated guidelines, affecting search rankings. Address issues promptly by following Google's recommendations to restore site visibility.
Finalert LLC
(04-18-2024, 05:05 AM)lolab Wrote: It is for "User generated spam".

Our content is well hand written and no funny business. It is tech niche which provides surveys. Now the data is only available for us before posting. So, no one else can generate it. Our site is also not a forum. Although it have some forms which gets published after review. If anybody wants to claim something on the surveys then sure they can fill them up and sent. And also it has tremendous heavy loaded comment section.

Out of all sites I thought about this site the least to get something like this.
Our content is well-written and original, focusing on tech-related surveys. The data is exclusively available to us before posting, ensuring uniqueness. Our site is not a forum, though we do have forms that get published after review. Users can claim surveys by filling them out and submitting them. Additionally, our site features a heavily active comment section. Despite these measures, it was surprising and disappointing to encounter issues with the site's SEO performance.

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