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Ultahost - All in One Thread
Discuss anything and everything about Ultahost. Reviews, reactions, feedback everything is welcome in this thread.
One of the best looking offers in the market. And also very nice site. Eye catchy.

Free good support. Migration was so easy with them that I have to do nothing just sit back and relax.

Their offers also provide separate cPanel or Plesk or free panel ones. Which is a very good thing to see upfront if you ask me. It is much appreciated by admins.

Although their uptime and firewall caused me some problem. It was mostly on my end. Couldn't figure out how to setup properly. But their support helped me to resolve it.
All things are good with these host. A decent 8 out of 10.

Except for the prices. Some people may also find them too much expensive. Although the plans with cPanel have some reasonable price tags.
Have maintained a DS for one my client. No issues while handling the server. Since they come pre-managed so there is nothing much to do either.

One thing I will mention though. My client didn't get the CPU he requested. And he didn't got compensated either. CPU he got was good so he didn't complain. But for many I know that would mean serious breach of trust.
They are good indeed. At first I wasn't so sure but when I used their services I came to realize instantly that they are a top notch provider.

But their plans are a bit old fashioned and also costly. If they can be little bit less pricey &/or flexible. Then they should gain a ton of customers.
Their support is great along with good service. I am very pleased with their support.

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