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Ways of doing Content Marketing
To all the content marketers I urge you guys to share your ways of content marketing that you use.

First of all I am sharing mine.

- Blogging & Guest Blogging - Either you do it in your own blog. Or you do it when you are guest posting. Good readable content are always welcomed.

- Forum Marketing - Forums and community boards are really a great place to share and find information and knowledge. Then why don't leverage them to bring the most targeted visitors. Share content that others don't. Earn respect to your community and in return you will get targeted audience and conversions.

- Blog Commenting - As of today many people use it to get just links (which is totally wrong) and ends up just spamming them. Blog comment is good if you can add some value to the original content or share your genuine opinion. It is also good form of content marketing.

- Social Media Groups - Private groups in the social media channels can also be a good form of doing content marketing. I remember the first time when I saw a walk through report in a social channels group I was just amazed. It was better than any blog posts back then.

- Mass Answering Sites - Now-a-days mass answering sites are also on the rise. And it can be a good way to promote and market your content too. Sites like Reddit and Yahoo Answers are used by marketers all the time. In this market Quora is also a name that is worth mentioning. The most astonishing feature about Quora is that its very user friendly and also it has a good content flow management.

- Video Marketing - Youtube channels and the other video publishing platforms are also attracting the marketers a lot. People often don't like to read content and its easy presentable if you just narrate it or just create a video that explains it insight-fully.

- Email Marketing - Email Marketing, sending newsletters to your subscribers or viewers can be a good form of marketing your content. It may be not the direct form of marketing but indirectly it can be very effective.
Nice post.

I just wanted to add a point. Linkedin Content Publishing Platform is also a great medium to market your content and outreach it to the the most targeted audience. Many authors and bloggers are now using it to market their content.
Very nice article indeed. What I have found most useful and remarkably effective is Forum Marketing. Its the best way to target audience without much effort.
For content marketing, blogging and guest blogging are the best way to marketing the content in simple and unique way. Through, guest blogging, we can easily earn visitors for the particular content.
Thanks for sharing! Those are all great points every biz owner have to consider.
Apart from guest blogging and publishing content in linkiedin.

I think that posting to reddit, Quora and posting to relevant forums are also a very good way to do content marketing.

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