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SEMrush isn't showing any links of Competitors
I tried to do competitive analysis of one of my competitors.

The tool isn't showing any links or any associated anchor texts.

What do you people make of this?
If its showing random words and specific type of link then this could be the case that the competitor of yours is hiding the links. Or, sometimes the content gets changed.
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It happens when SEMrush isn't able to show you the links. The reason shall be your competitor blocking SEMrush bots. Or, simply SEMrush isn't fast enough to report.
it's because the site owners block such bots to prevent their data.
SmartScrapers is a data scraping services provider company.
Try to update the metrics!
SmartScrapers is a data scraping services provider company.
(12-29-2023, 12:44 PM)smartscraper Wrote: Try to update the metrics!

If SEMrush isn't showing competitors' links, use appropriate tools, like Backlink Analytics or the Backlink Gap tool. As SEMrush only updates at regular intervals and not in real-time, some links may only appear after regular but not real-time updates. Please explore SEMrush's Knowledge Base or reach out directly for further assistance.
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If SEMrush isn't displaying any competitor links, it could be due to the recent updates or limitations in its database scanning capabilities. It's advisable to double-check the domain input for accuracy, wait for the next update cycle, or use additional tools to cross-verify backlink profiles. Enhancing your SEO strategy by focusing on your own link-building efforts and keyword optimization can also mitigate this issue.
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