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A2 Hosting Unmanged Hosting - 4 Core, 4 GB RAM, 150 GB SSD Storage
I have liked this plan. It is very suitable. Since it is also quite manageable

I am also looking into cPanel offers which I can implement in this unmanaged VPS.

But the problem is that I need atleast 6 cPanel licenses. And with the cPanel licenses costs go way up.

And if the costs are low the hosting services are not good at all.
cPanel is getting costly by time. Every time I check, their prices go up.

Listen, if you are really impressed by the hosting plan then give it a go and look for any alternative of cPanel.

It is really hard to find suitable host which just fits in your every single aspect. So, don't let the price of cPanel get in the way of it.
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cPanel is only way for us.
Also check the reseller options then.

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