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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - November 2023
(11-02-2023, 02:54 PM)nehal91 Wrote:
(11-02-2023, 02:53 PM)ani2002 Wrote: Why the forum urls are not getting indexed?

Nope not happening. Unless you are a big forum this is not going to happen.
SmartScrapers is a data scraping services provider company.
@smartscraper NOw even big ones are a mess.

Only sites like quora or reddit are getting the benefits.
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  • zeus
Ask @batman He should be able to describe the situation.
Super weird update is over finally.
@zeus Small forums don't even stand a chance if that what's you are asking.

Mid and big owners are a different story. That is also depends. If a site is popular then good if not then mid or big forums also haven't performed well.
Changes are hard to understand.

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